Grading Scale

Near Mint / NM

Near Mint Pops! may have some box imperfections, but they will be very minor and few in number. These figures can range from ‘Mint’ to slightly less than ‘Mint’. Overall these are in wonderful condition and ideal for a collector. We pay 60% PPG Value

  • A couple of nicks or dings
  • Very light corner wear
  • Very minor scratch or scuff
  • Other very minor imperfections

Too many of these imperfections will cause a Pop! to be graded Damaged.

    Damaged / D

    These items will have noticeable damage, but are still in fair shape. We pay 50% PPG Value 

    • Nicks or dings
    • Noticeable Damage in several areas
    • Noticeable Scuff or Dirt
    • Box Discoloration 
    • Damaged/Missing Stickers

    Too many of these imperfections will cause a card to be graded Heavily Damaged.

    Heavily Damaged / HD

    These items will have extreme damage to the box. We pay 40% PPG Value 

    Out of Box / OOB

    These items will have no box. We pay 30% PPG Value